Why Join NexGen?

NexGen is a sub-community of FPA for CFP® professionals and career changers early in their careers and students or professionals aiming to become CFP® professionals. In Metro New York, NexGen members come together for the chapter’s regular NexGen Study Group, a place where those who are growing as planners can network with their peers and learn from those who have gone before them.

If you are looking to:

  • Gain insights into potential career paths;
  • Learn how to grow your business;
  • Develop planning expertise;
  • Service clients more effectively;
  • Make an impact on the profession you love;
  • Learn from seasoned professionals and venerable financial planners who are eager to share their wisdom and life experiences.

then the NexGen Study Group is for you! 

No matter where you are in your career, learning and nurturing are always a part of the development cycle. Whether you are ready to take the next step and grow within your firm, start a financial planning organization on your own, or have one foot in the door of the profession, your FPA chapter is here to provide guidance, education, and personal connections with your peers navigating the same road.