Level up your skills as a financial planning professional candidate in an afternoon

If you want to fast-track your success as an aspiring planner, get in front of firms now, and learn how to pitch yourself like a pro, this event is for you...

It probably won't surprise you...

But your success as a financial planner hinges on a whole lot more than just your financial planning skills.

To really, truly hit the fast track when you're just starting out, you need easy ways to get in front of reputable firms and on target to pursue the career path that fits you best. And you need to know what your ideal career path looks like.

Independent RIA, solo practitioner, broker-dealer… It can be hard to know which direction to go in, especially when you’re just starting out.

Maybe you're wondering how to get in front of firms and pitch yourself in an interview.

Lucky for you, we created an event that tackles all your needs at once, putting these struggles firmly in your past...


FPA of Metro New York's First Annual Career Day

Friday, October 15, 2021 | Virtual Experience

12:30- 4:15 P.M. EDT

Join a group of your fellow aspiring planners for an afternoon dedicated to sharpening your skills as a professional candidate. 

Registration Fees:

Students: $10, FPA Member Job-seekers: $15

Here's how to level up:

  • Register for Career Day and submit your resume. We’ll share it with 13 participating NYC-based investment and planning firms looking for full-time hires and interns and they’ll reach out to you directly.
  • Join us on October 15th and discover in 3 impactful workshops what it's like to work at different firm types, how to identify which one is right for you, and how to ace interviews.
  • Complete a career assessment survey with professional coach Sarah Dale and identify which firm type is your best fit. This is a service she offers her private coaching clients and she's offering you a discounted rate of $40 for students and $77.50 for FPA Members.
  • Finish up the day by networking with the investment and planning firm recruiters who received your resume.

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Career Day gives you the simple framework and coaching you need to fast-track your success, get in front of firms now, and learn how to pitch yourself like a pro.


Here's what you'll get out of Career Day:

-->   Discover which career paths are open to CFP® professionals and how they differ

-->   Hear from 3 successful planners working at different firm types about their day-to-day experience of the profession and how your choice of firm can influence your career path

-->   Master a tried-and-tested framework to get the most out of your job search with practical, plug-and-play tips to ace interviews

-->   Learn how to confidently implement interview strategies during the three stages of any meeting to boost your success

-->   Get clear on the factors that motivate you, identify your ideal career path, and find out which firm type is your best fit

-->   Identify and learn how to overcome your performance barriers to deepen your success


With two career coaching sessions at your fingertips and the opportunity to network directly with recruiters at NYC-based investment and planning firms...


Are you ready to succeed?

Registration costs just $10 for students and $15 for FPA Members.

We know you're busy. We created this event to deliver lots of value with minimal cost and time on your end.

Our goal is to get you on that fast track.

And don't forget...

You'll also have the option to complete a career assessment survey with professional coach Sarah Dale.

Sarah helps planners like you find the best career fit for them and this is one of the services she offers her private coaching clients.

To help you get the most out of her Find Your Fit workshop on Career Day, she’s offering the assessment at a discounted rate of $40 for students and $77.50 for FPA Members.

Participating Firms

Thank you to our participating NYC-based investment and planning firms
Contact: Holly Goldin hgoldin@altfest.com
Contacts: Vanessa Franco, vfranco@aspiriant.com; Maureen Gaare, mgaare@aspiriant.com
Contact: Ian Harvey, CFP®, iharvey@bridgewateradv.com
Contact: Lea Paine Highet, CFP®, lea@douglasswinthrop.com
Contact: Scott Kahan, CFP®, skahan@famcorporation.com
Contact: Gabrielle Humleker, Gabrielle@francisfinancial.com
Contact: Dina Kizhner dkizhner@joelisaacson.com
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