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Advanced Roth Conversion Strategies

Michael Kitces, MSFS, MTAX, CFP®, CLU, CHFC, RHU, REBC, CASL, Chief Financial Planning Nerd at*

The natural appeal of a Roth-style retirement account is the potential for tax-free growth for life. However, the reality is that creating a Roth account has a “cost” – the upfront tax liability of contributing to (or converting into) the account, which is avoided with a traditional pre-tax IRA or 401(k). As a result, optimal Roth strategies involve not merely contributing to or converting into Roths, but managing the timing and leveraging the available tax law to maximize the strategy. In this session, we explore techniques to maximize Roth contributions, including so-called “Backdoor Roth” IRAs and “Mega Backdoor Roth” 401(k) strategies, and leveraging the Roth recharacterization rules to optimally fill lower tax brackets, and be able to ensure that an investment in a Roth has a positive return before being required to commit to it!

*Michael will be joining us virtually

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Real Estate Market Themes

Ken Jett, Managing Director, Investment Management at Hines

The purpose of the presentation is to provide an overview of current and relevant real estate investment market themes. The attendees should have a better understanding of how current market conditions are affecting the four major real estate product types (office, retail, multifamily, industrial).Further, how these conditions may offer investing opportunities in the near future.

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Family Strategies for Paying for College and the Strategic Use of Student Loans

Heidi King, Education and Partnerships, College Inside Track

It is shocking how few parents have talked about how they are going to pay for college, either between themselves and/or with their child. Given the cost of college today, this is highly irresponsible at best, if not downright dangerous. This milestone represents a significant opportunity for financial professionals to provide real value.
Learn from a national expert how to help clients create a family philosophy and strategy around paying for college. We will educate advisors about different philosophies families can take and the pros and cons to each, how to strategically use the federal student loan program and how to tier loans for families based on interest rates and available money. The seminar wraps up with 3 case studies where advisors can apply the new knowledge.

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Estate Planning For Income Taxes: Maximizing Basis Planning Opportunities

Jeffrey Levine, CPA/PFS, CFP®, AIF, CWS, MSA, Lead Financial Planning Nerd,, Director of Advanced Planning, Buckingham Wealth Partners

Given recent changes in the law, “tax planning” for one's estate at death has become a lot less about estate tax planning, and far more about the income tax planning opportunities at death… particularly with respect to maximizing available step-up in basis opportunities. With that in mind, attendees of this session will explore topics including how pre-death asset transfers can help maximize step-up in basis, how other types of pre-death transfers can help avoid the potential for a step-down in basis, complications associated with these strategies for clients living in community property states, and the disadvantages of traditional credit shelter trusts that emerge in an estate planning environment driven by income- (rather than estate-)tax planning.

1.5 CFP® CE Credit Approved


How to Use Brain Science to Make Smarter Investing Decisions

Graeme Newell, Author, Speaker and the President of 602 Communications

We teach and encourage our clients to save more and live below their means, but new research is revealing the deviously sneaky ways our brains sabotage this smart strategy. 

In this fun and example-packed presentation, neuroscience researcher Graeme Newell reveals the latest insights on financial decision making. You’ll learn the insidious ways instinct can undermine our clients when they spend, save and plan for the future.

You’ll learn to recognize the subtle behavioral clues that your clients may be headed for trouble, and the most effective coaching tactics for getting them back on track. Using fun exercises, weird brain games and fascinating science, Graeme takes us on a captivating tour of how our deeply flawed brains navigate the world of money.

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How to Pay Attention to Washington Without Losing Your Mind

Aron Szapiro, Head of Retirement and Policy Studies at Morningstar

Aron will explain his experience working on policy issues both inside and outside of government to explain why the most talked about policy issues are rarely the most important. He will discuss what advisors should pay attention to this year and what issues are more smoke than fire—and give you shortcuts to tell the difference.

1 CFP® CE Credit Approved