May 10, 2021

Topic: Elevating the Client Experience
Our speakers included Aaron Sannes from Discerning Wealth, followed by Patricia Monat and Adam Steenblock from Monat Wealth Management. Their presentations shared how their processes and procedures provide their clients with a unique experience aimed at their client's unique circumstances and goals. Patricia also shared her journey of establishing a succession plan for her practice. Our event was sponsored by T. Rowe Price and we were provided with an excellent program focused on the emotional side of retirement in addition to the financial side. Our Spotlight Member was Dave Olson, a 20 year member of FPA®.

March 8, 2021

Topic: Investment Planning

We received great presentations from First Trust Portfolios, Columbia Threadneedle, and Capital Group/American Funds. They shared their expertise on investing in 2021 and beyond, trends and opportunities, and a look into interest rates and fixed income allocation.  Our Spotlight Member was Patricia Monat, a 25 year member of FPA®.

January 11, 2021
Speakers: Kris Hansen, Western Home Communities; Greg Saul & Casey Hoffert from PIPAC

November 9, 2020
Topic: Retirement Planning Strategies

September 14, 2020
Topic: Required Annual CFP Ethics and Insurance Certification

July 13, 2020
Topic: Succession & Valuation Practices

May 11, 2020
Topic: Risk Management

March 9, 2020
Topic: Charitable Planning Strategies

January 13, 2020
Topic: Income Tax Planning Panel