NexGen is a nation‐wide community within the FPA Association with the goal of elevating the profession that transform lives through the power of financial planning.  NexGen serves to educate, promote and integrate the next generation of CFP® professionals. It serves aspiring and early-career CFP® professionals. 

NexGen strives to provide a network that serves to:

** Support, advise, and encourage one another in our professional advancement;

** Promote, foster, and direct programs that aid in the transfer of knowledge from the pioneers of financial planning to the future of the profession; and

** Explore issues common to early career professionals and seek means of accentuating the positives and finding resolutions for the negatives.

As may be expected, many conversations among NexGen members are related to finding early success in the profession, but conversations are also related to starting one’s own practice or stepping into a partner role at a well‐established firm. Several NexGen members, both past and present, own their own practices, while others have found a path to partnership within their firms.

How Can You Get Involved?

Please contact Alison Miller, to attend one of our networking happy hours, volunteer to speak at a local NexGen study group session, or reach out to other planners across Austin who could benefit from an open dialogue among early-career CFP® professionals.

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