Marilyn Richards - Richards Consulting Group

Practice Management

Are you looking to grow your business dramatically this year? Do you want to attract more of the right kinds of clients? Are you looking to make your marketing efforts more effective? Whether you own your business or are an employed professional responsible for growing revenue, you know that business development activities are critical. Yet so often, we get stuck and lose focus. Join us as Marilyn Richards, principal of Richards Consulting Group, shares the tools you need to grow revenue faster.

Learning objectives:
  • Learn how to identify your optimal target audience and why it matters.
  • Learn how to identify your value proposition and why prospects care.
  • Learn how to state your value clearly and refine your messaging.
  • Discover how identifying and activating champions can build business quickly.
Speaker bio:

Marilyn Richards is a trusted advisor to successful business owners, serving as mentor and business development strategist. She founded Richards Consulting Group 15 years ago to partner with leaders to build thriving businesses and achieve revenue goals. As a former marketing executive in LA and Chicago, Marilyn draws from over three decades of experience delivering results. She has started several successful businesses and knows first hand what it takes to grow and run and profitable company.