As human beings, we all crave community and a sense of belonging. We want to be part of something that validates our purpose and is greater than ourselves. FPA exists for this very reason: to provide a receptive, participatory community where you can feel heard, supported and connected to your profession.

Online Communities

We focus on the topics most important to financial planning practitioners today.
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FPA Connect

A compliance-friendly space for all levels of planners to ask questions, share insights and gather knowledge.
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FPA Activate

Designed especially for planners new to the profession, this private Facebook group offers a place to meet and converse.
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FPA Knowledge Circles

Connect with other members on the areas of the profession you are most passionate about.
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Local Chapters

Explore Chapters Nationwide

Forge powerful and lasting relationships with your local financial planning community. Find myriad opportunities to volunteer and lead. Chapter membership is included as part of your annual membership dues.

Events and Conferences

Attend a Signature Event

Gather knowledge, share ideas, and build national and global relationships. We offer a range of powerful events each year, each with its own objective, audience, content and flavor.