A OneFPA Conversation with Kristin Beane of FPA of Northern New England

In her many years as an FPA chapter executive, Kristin Beane has seen her fair share of successes and challenges in the association. But what she sees transpiring today in light of the COVID-19 pandemic is unique. As the chapter executive for both FPA of Northern New England (a beta-test chapter) and FPA of Massachusetts, she is seeing first-hand how chapters are having to adjust to the new reality and how the current environment has spurred on a new era of collaboration between FPA chapters.

Collaboration has always been alive and well between FPA chapter leaders and chapter executives. Still, the pandemic has increased the amount of collaboration taking place to support chapters in delivering member value when in-person events are nonexistent.

In this “OneFPA Conversation,” Kristin Beane shares her thoughts on how collaboration has increased between her chapters and how she and other beta-test chapter executives are working together to support one another and their local members.

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