Christopher Holtby, CPWA - Wealth Advisor Trust Co.


Advisors can solve clients' current and future legacy issues by accessing the trustee services of modern-day trust companies. Presentation covers: (1) Enhancing advisors' AUM retention and attraction strategies comes from trustee services. (2) Learning how to avoid being flanked by competing trust companies. (3) Helping advisors create broader client relationships across generations.

Learning objectives:
  • How to employ generation trust and estate planning within an advisors comprehensive financial approach.
  • Six goals trust planning can achieve for clients.
  • Three types of trust companies available today for clients (pros and cons).
  • How to pick any type of trustee (individual/corporate): (1) Why and (2) Pros/Cons.
Speaker bio:

Christopher Holtby acts as the Trust Educator and is a Co-Founder of Wealth Advisors Trust Company, an advisor friendly trust company, based in South Dakota. He began his career as a financial analyst at May Department Stores. His 25 years in the financial industry involved working from Legg Mason to Ernst & Young. He and his wife have three sons enjoying new adventures locally and globally. He is working towards his Masters in History at Harvard University.