Everyone has questions about the OneFPA beta-test that will begin in earnest in January 2020. Common questions include: What will the beta-test entail? What does it mean to centralize key functions like technology and staffing? How will the beta-test impact chapters and the association’s ability to recruit and retain members? How will the beta-test lead to a more coherent and consistent value proposition for members?

And while the 11 chapters and their volunteer leaders and staff that were accepted to take part in the beta-test did so with expectations for seizing an opportunity to be a better chapter and all-around association…they also see some potential challenges that will need to be overcome. We asked one of the beta-test chapter leaders to share what he sees as the opportunity for participating and the concerns he has as his chapter prepares to take part in the two-year beta-test. Here’s what he had to say.

Wayne Tillman, CRPC®

President-elect and Membership Director

FPA of the Triangle

About three years ago, our Board realized that strategically we had to change to be more effective in providing a better member experience, which would get more members engaged in our chapter meetings and networking events, and also attract more new members. We spent about a year evaluating chapter management options and web site solutions. The OneFPA Network announcement at CLC last November was the perfect fit for us because it provided the opportunity to put 100% of our efforts into making sure the solution helped our chapter and all other chapters. As early adopters, we’re confident this will help our chapter improve and elevate all aspects of chapter management and member engagement. We’re excited to dedicate ourselves to the beta-test and to work collaboratively with FPA toward its success.

While we see this as an opportunity, our Board expected and have discussed a couple of big challenges during the Beta Test. First is making sure our chapter members stay engaged and informed while they use new processes for meeting registration and other FPA business. The other potential challenge is not stretching our Chapter Executive resources too much beyond what was described in our new contract with her management company.