Financial Planning as a profession is at a critical juncture. New laws, rules and regulations concerning our profession are being put into place across the country, with or without the input of Financial Planners.

While the Legislators' intentions of protecting investors from predators may come from a good place, some of the proposals will have unintended consequences.

The Financial Planning Association of California asks you to step up and join our advocacy efforts to let legislators and regulators know FPA opinions on proposed legislation and our profession.

We are going to Sacramento on March 12, 2024. This is our 12th annual visit to "the Hill". I urge you to join your fellow FPA members from around the state to meet with your elected representatives.

FPA of California events will comply with the current Local, State and Federal requirements.

Why is your participation important?  Without you (a constituent who lives in the district) we are unable to meet with your Senator or Assemblymember. We must comment on current bills and policies that are most important to Financial Planners and help protect our clients. These conversations will help determine the future of our profession. These meetings help us build strong relationships with elected officials and their staff. Please mark your calendar now to participate in a fun and exciting day in support of our profession.

To register for the March 12, 2024, Advocacy Day, please complete the registration form HERE.

Note: You will need to supply the names and contact information for your Senator and Assemblymember by February 23rd. To find out who they are, HERE is a link to find your California elected official based on your district of residence (once on their website, click on the Contact Us tab)

March 11, 2024: You are invited to join us in Sacramento on Monday night. FPA of California is hosting a dinner for all Advocacy Day participants at The Rio City Café, on the Riverwalk near the Embassy Suites. To register to attend the March 11, 2024, Dinner at the Rio City Cafe, please click HERE.

Also, we have a block of rooms at a discounted rate at the Embassy Suites - available on a first come, first served basis for members who need to arrive Monday night to be ready for the 7:00am Tuesday morning training meeting. 

To book your hotel, please use one of the methods below. Please note that in order to get the reduced rate you will need to make your reservations by February 23rd as the hotel sells out every year. Please be sure to edit your hotel dates to indicate your stay from 3/11 to 3/12.

Please keep in mind that all reservations must be in by: February 23, 2024.

March 12, 2024: We meet in the Embassy Suites near the Capitol and Riverwalk for a hosted breakfast and orientation at 7:00am. Then we head to the Capitol for visits with our State Senators and/or Assembly Members. 

Are you new to Advocacy?  Not to worry, we usually send 2 to 3 members to each legislator office to meet in a tag team approach. You will have a team to support you.

We offer FINANCIAL SUPPORT. The FPA of California is committed to helping our members engage in Advocacy Day on behalf of the Financial Planning Association. While we are asking you to take a day off work and volunteer your time, we are pleased to be able to defer some of the travel and hotel costs (available to the first 30 members who register to join us in Sacramento.) For specifics on the financial support available this year, please speak to your chapter Director of Advocacy.

Register now to participate in a powerful and exciting day participating in the democratic process in support of our profession. We look forward to another successful Advocacy Day!