We are excited to have welcomed eight new staff to FPA that represent the 11 beta-test chapters. On January 1, the following chapter executives joined FPA staff:

  • Brandy Johnson, FPA of Greater Kansas City
  • Carol Bobke, FPA of Orange County
  • Chris Stewart, FPA of the Philadelphia Tri-State Area
  • Cyndi Sosa, FPA of the Triangle
  • Kristin Beane, FPA of Northern New England
  • Nancye Bailey, FPA of Charlotte
  • Scott Sivley, FPA of Middle Tennessee
  • Steve Weiss, FPA of New Jersey

These chapter executives join three others already part of FPA staff:

  • Clary Delano, FPA of Metro New York
  • Kristin Prine, FPA of Illinois
  • Leslie Shivers, FPA of Colorado

Chapter executives are the force behind much of what chapters do for members by coordinating programs and events, marketing chapter services, dealing with logistics, connecting members with opportunities, and much more. Anything the association can do to support chapter executives in their critical function will benefit the volunteer leaders and members who depend on their terrific work.

One of the main tenets of the OneFPA Network vision is to create greater alignment and integration among all FPA staff―national and local―to help create an elevated member experience. As we officially begin the OneFPA Network beta-test, we welcomed 11 outstanding chapter executives to the FPA team to create a deeper connection between them and national FPA staff and support their work locally. This deeper connection began recently with a chapter executive staff on-boarding meeting January 22-24 in Denver at the FPA national office.

Over the course of two-days, the chapter executives from the beta-test chapters took part in various meetings and discussions with their staff colleagues in Denver to dig into everything, including technology, financial reporting, staff culture and more. While the goal of the on-boarding was to begin to provide the tools and resources that the beta-test chapter executives will need to serve their chapters, the opportunity to begin integrating chapter executives with FPA staff was viewed by all as the major takeaway.

Through the beta-test, each of the 11 chapter executives will participate in all staff meetings and events and can call on their fellow staffers for support with marketing and communications, program development and execution, strategizing, and more. It was evident during the January meeting that the entire staff are excited to work together in a deeper, more meaningful way to support our members. Much more to come!

And be sure to check out this video featuring three chapter executives from beta-test chapters―Brandy Johnson from FPA of Greater Kansas City, Nancye Bailey from FPA of Charlotte, and Kristin Prine from FPA of Illinois―who share some of their personal thoughts on what being part of FPA staff will mean to them and their chapters!

Watch the video!