The first year of the OneFPA Network beta test marked the beginning of implementing the three areas of centralized functionality—staffing, technology and financial reporting. Throughout the year, strides were made where we saw the benefits of collaboration, integration and alignment. And as we begin year two of the beta test, we have identified critical areas for improvement and opportunities to build on already realized successes. This report provides some metrics for the beta test from year one and is written to simply provide the information, but the OneFPA Transition Task Force would like to offer a few insights we have seen from the past year.

The Pandemic’s Impact: 2020 was unlike any other year for FPA and the chapters. Business as usual was not possible. FPA staff, chapter executives and chapter leaders had to cope with the pandemic's challenges to ensure the organization was moving forward and the needs of members were served. Prioritizing efforts to stabilize the organization at all levels did not prohibit the organization from engaging in the beta test but did force everyone involved to focus on those elements that were easier to implement.

Organizational Challenges Are Priority: While 11 chapters are part of the beta test and are fully invested in the work being done, ongoing challenges of membership growth, partner revenue and online meetings are top of mind for chapter leaders. Comments from chapter leaders (November comments) on page 19 of this report demonstrate where they are focused today. The issues they touch on have less to do with the OneFPA Network beta test and are more about the current challenges of the Association. With that said, the OneFPA Network's purpose is to realize better integration and alignment between FPA and the chapters where the issues in those comments from chapter leaders can be addressed and resolved.

Greater Collaboration = Better Culture: The biggest win from the first year of the beta test is how closer collaboration improves the organization's overall culture. We have seen the benefits of what is possible when barriers are removed and closer collaboration occurs. Beta test chapter executives have been working to support each other throughout the pandemic. Joint events have been held where all beta chapters shared in the work and received a direct benefit. We started to see the impact Central Office staff and chapter executives working together can have on members. Building off this collaboration in year two of the beta test is a priority.

Participatory Governance is Underway: Through the launch of the OneFPA Advisory Council and the OneFPA Advisory Council Executive Committee, more chapter voices are being heard by the FPA Board of Directors on those matters of pressing concern to chapters and the Association. In 2020, approximately 70% of FPA chapters offered a representative to the Council. Going into 2021, nearly 90% of all FPA chapters have designated representatives. And to increase engagement among the Council, six meetings will be held in 2021 to increase the frequency and depth of feedback from the Council to the Board of Directors and staff.

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