July 2021: Starting Thoughts

Journal of Financial Planning: July 2021


The Editorial Torch Passes On

I never saw myself working in the finance world, but sometimes life has a way of encouraging your development in unexpected ways.

I studied economics in college and was only a couple of classes away from a finance minor. But I didn’t immediately go down that path. Instead, I decided to move to Germany, which was wunderbar. I ended up working as an editor and writer in varying capacities, mostly in software companies, for almost six years. Now that I have returned to the United States, I feel I am coming full circle. I am excited to brush up on my old economics and finance education while combining that with my many years of experience as an editor and writer.

I have only been with FPA for a little while, but it has been great so far. Everyone I have met, from my direct team members to financial planner readers, genuinely wants to help others and be a positive change in the industry and the world. I am excited to be part of this team, this journal, and this community. Everyone has been incredibly welcoming, and I am confident I am in good company.

The Journal has a prestigious history, and I am committed to continuing that record of excellence. There are a lot of moving parts behind the scenes, and editing everything is no simple task. Ana did an amazing job, and she has left behind some giant shoes to fill. Too big for only me. I am relieved that I won’t be flying solo for long.

The rest of the crew and I are excited to welcome our new editor, Danielle Andrus, who will be bringing in her expertise starting with the next issue. She has more than a decade of experience editing and writing in the financial world, along with a healthy amount of proficiency with digital publications. By the time you read this, she and I will already be neck-deep in the next issue.

It is my pleasure to be working with the Journal of Financial Planning, and I hope to meet many of you contributors and readers at future events. 

Bridger Cummings
Assistant Editor