August 2021: Starting Thoughts

Journal of Financial Planning: August 2021


Embrace Change to Inspire Growth

It’s been a tumultuous few months for the Journal of Financial Planning, but we’re living in an era where rapid change is a constant reality. It didn’t start with the pandemic; change happens all around us all the time, as new technologies, regulations, and attitudes affect the way we communicate and conduct business.

Effective organizations know this. It’s one thing to be ready for change: to recognize that a pivot might be required at any time and be willing to meet it head on. It’s another to build a firm that has the capacity to do that. Change takes a lot out of us. It leads to increased anxiety, more complaints, and lower overall satisfaction. If we don’t build creative, diverse teams that can embrace uncertainty, and establish a culture of trust where those folks can share their experiences, change can send us reeling.

The 2021 that so many of us looked forward to as a return to normalcy brought even more change for me. I started the year with a move from Colorado to Texas, then followed it with a move from a journalistic publication to an academic one, and from working on my own as an independent contractor to a member of a bona fide team. These are largely positive changes. I’m finding my way around new backroads and learning to love the Oxford comma, but I’m delighted to find myself working with people so committed to our mission of elevating the financial planning profession.

Our work at FPA and at the Journal is in service to financial planners and the larger profession. We aim to be a trusted partner for our members, providing them with the research, insight, and connections that help them serve their clients. While the way we connect and deliver on that promise might evolve, our commitment is firm. I’m honored to continue the Journal of Financial Planning’s legacy as a leader in actionable guidance for financial planners.

I look forward to hearing from readers about how we can do more to help you be successful.

Danielle Andrus