How Do You Give Back to the Community?

The FPA Community Weighs in...

Next Generation Planner: August 2021


“Give where you are called within yourself to give. The first filter should be that whatever you do to give back is chosen because you have an authentic passion for the activity. If you select based on its business building potential, it often goes bad. It can become a burden to you rather than a joy, for instance. Further, people can see or sense that you are not in it for the cause and actually create a business obstacle for yourself as you become known as someone who is in it for themselves.”

Dan Moisand, CFP®
Moisand Fitzgerald Tamayo, LLC



“Pro-bono financial planning with the San Diego Financial Literacy Association.”

Jon M. Luskin, CFP®
Advice-Only Financial Planning for Do-It-Yourself Investors 



  • Do career day presentations, especially at under-privileged schools.
  •  Have a pro bono consulting policy, and give people who need it that 30 minutes they need from a true professional.
  • Participate in Financial Planning Day pro bono events.
  • Volunteer for committees at your local chamber or economic development non-profit.
  • Lastly, answer research surveys for academics so they can publish better research.

Daniel M. Yerger, CFP®, ChFC®, AIF®, CDFA®
President, MY Wealth Planners®



“Join a local nonprofit committed to financial education/literacy or promoting philanthropy. Present to local chambers of commerce for business owners’ planning.”

Brian M. Balduzzi, Esq., Tax LL.M., CFP®
Trusted Tax and Estate Planning Attorney | Tax, estate planning, finance, and business law educator


“Give back unconditionally.”

Elissa Buie, CFP®
President/CEO, Yeske Buie



“Volunteer to provide financial literacy sessions at halfway houses and other vulnerable

Julia L. Mull, CFP®
Carroll College Program Director, Registered Programs



“I have had good experiences by volunteering for Financial Planning Day events organized by local chapters of the Financial Planning Association. To help stay current, to get some more hands on experience, and to help me learn some of the finer rules of income taxes (especially for the State of California), I have also enjoyed giving back to the community by volunteering for VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance).”

Cary W. Tucker, CFP®



“If you are a parent, make sure your parent groups know what you do. They already
trust you and may ask you to do a financial literacy presentation to the parent group,
or to their children.”

Tina Wood-Wentz
Founder, Wood Financial Services LLC



“I volunteer with (and sit on the board of) Advisers Give Back, which is a pro bono platform that connects CFP® professionals with members of the community who want to get the kind of free, no-strings-attached advice that is available at Financial Planning Day events. It’s 100 percent virtual, and I can do it every week! It’s felt great to continue my volunteering during COVID, when so many people need help but can’t meet in person.”

Jesse Pence, CFP®
Wealth Manager, Waypoint Wealth Partners