Financial Planning is A Helping Profession

The power of financial planning is immense, and FPA Members understand its transformative impact on individuals and society. As dedicated financial planners, your commitment to serving clients with integrity, knowledge, and skill forms the bedrock of our profession. 

Our commitment to financial wellness and pro bono financial planning initiatives underscores our belief that everyone deserves access to sound financial guidance, regardless of socio-economic status. In 2023, FPA Chapters and Members held 275 financial wellness workshops nationwide, reaching 5,347 consumers. Moreover, 797 FPA Members volunteered their time and talents in providing 3,563 hours of pro bono financial planning services to 1,909 consumers. By sharing your expertise and empowering individuals to take control of their financial futures, you are positively impacting the lives of our fellow citizens and strengthening the fabric of our communities across the Nation. We celebrate each of you!

But we must continue to push.

Advancing financial planning requires us to engage on multiple fronts, from promoting pro bono services and fostering financial wellness in our communities to advocating for commonsense legislation and regulation. Through advocacy, we endeavor to shape policies that support the interests of both practitioners and consumers, ensuring an environment that promotes innovation while safeguarding those who depend on our services.

While raising consumer awareness about the importance of financial planning and the benefits of working with qualified financial planners is a priority, FPA is firmly committed to advancing financial literacy and wellness nationwide. Our Members and Chapters have tirelessly worked within local communities for years, striving to make an impact through accessible financial education.

Comprehensive financial literacy and wellness programs are not just desirable but imperative. However, private organizations and community efforts cannot bear this responsibility alone. This is a matter of national significance that requires the involvement and commitment of state and federal legislators.

Government support is essential to ensure financial literacy initiatives reach all corners of our society, particularly in underserved communities. By allocating resources and collaborating with organizations like FPA and our nationwide network of Chapters, lawmakers can extend the reach of financial education, empowering individuals from diverse backgrounds to improve their financial knowledge and security.

Financial literacy is a critical issue for many FPA Members and a societal necessity with wide-reaching advantages for all Americans. By emphasizing its importance, we can empower individuals and bolster the economy.

Thank you to those selfless professionals in our FPA community who positively impact local communities nationwide. I salute your dedication and commitment to making financial planning the helping profession we know it to be.

Increasing Awareness of Financial Planning

Just as your work to support the financial wellness of those in your communities elevates the awareness of financial planning’s transformative impact, so is our new partnership with to create the first-of-its-kind Best Financial Planners list.

FPA and want to highlight exceptional financial planners based on factors such as specialties, experience, education, communication, and how they build client trust. The questionnaire, which is open exclusively to our CFP® professional FPA Members and is now being fielded until July 17, was informed by empirical academic research and a panel of practitioners, and a scoring methodology – developed by – will ensure the list is objectively developed based solely on the data collected. While completing the questionnaire does not guarantee you’ll make the list, it's a great way to potentially be recognized for your hard work and dedication as a financial planner.

This exclusive partnership provides a unique opportunity for CFP® professional Members of FPA to be considered for inclusion on the list, offering a platform to share expertise with millions of consumers. We are thrilled about this initiative's potential benefits for financial planners and the public. We look forward to unveiling the Best Financial Planners at FPA Annual Conference 2024 in Columbus, Ohio, September 18-20.

In Case You Missed It
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  • Join Us at FPA Annual Conference 2024: If you are considering attending FPA Annual Conference 2024 in Columbus from September 18-20, now is a good time to register! If you register by July 27, you will take advantage of advance registration pricing, which makes attending even more affordable. By joining us in Columbus, you’ll enjoy a wide selection of educational content by amazing speakers, including NY Times best-selling author Daniel Pink. You’ll also experience all the fun and camaraderie that comes with this annual gathering of the financial planning community. I hope to see you there!
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Thank you for the privilege of your Membership.