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Next Session Is June 2021

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Why Join the FPA Virtual Externship?

FPA has been creating resources and continuing education for professionals for over 20 years, and Amplified Planning wants to create new ways to help planning professionals master their craft.

With curriculum created and approved by FPA and Amplified Planning, aspiring and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals can learn more about the profession and its practice from their own homes.

What You’ll Learn Inside This Virtual Externship

Over the course of 8 weeks, externs and program attendees will receive in-depth and expert trainings on:

  • Investment Planning
  • Insurance and Risk Management Planning
  • Client Communication and Care
  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Student Loan Planning and College Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning

The Goal of the FPA Virtual Externship

Our goal is to provide students the opportunity to see how financial planning is applied in diverse financial planning firms, and with diverse clientele.

Unlike most financial planning curriculum, information will be presented in dynamic, live discussions that allow you to see how a real CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional would implement it.

You’ll also have plenty of time and opportunities to develop and articulate your own philosophy on financial planning concepts and how they integrate (or don’t) with firms. You’ll also be called upon to apply critical thinking to multiple plans and evaluations.







What Past Participants Are Saying

Past externs say their experience helped them:

  • Identify personal financial planning philosophies
  • Gain access to and training for top financial planning software platforms
  • Learn from prominent financial planning thought leaders
  • Get an inside look at how financial planning is actually done by professionals who work in financial planning
  • Access a wealth of knowledge to help them navigate their career 
  • Take an in-depth look at different financial planning areas and how different planners apply to different sets of clients (example: investment planning, insurance and risk management planning, etc.)
  • Discover a passion for financial planning
  • Get real world experience
  • Become part of the financial planning community
  • Gain access to diverse demographics

Don't just take our word for itsee what past externs had to say about their experience:

"Amazing program! You'll be exposed to a diverse set of planning professionals, software, practices, and philosophies during this program. You'll end up with a much better sense of the questions you should be asking and a sense of excitement about the possibilities in the financial planning profession." 

"It's a great program to dip your toes in the financial planning profession. You get to interview CFPs and learn how they run their business and how they structure financial planning for their clients. You get access to financial planning software and it's a great way to learn how to use them." 

"I would definitely recommend the FPA Externship to other aspiring financial planners.  This has been an excellent opportunity to see the myriad ways in which other professionals have built satisfying careers and businesses within the financial planning community.  It has also granted access to current software programs that we normally wouldn't have access to until we start working for a firm.  Hannah is an amazing host who has a contagious enthusiasm for financial planning and works hard to engage students in the curriculum.  I'm so grateful to have found this opportunity."

This Virtual Externship Is Perfect For...

Undecided Majors

Find out if financial planning is the career for you.

Business or Finance Majors

See financial planning in action.

New Financial Planners

Build confidence and learn from experts.

CFP® Students

Get the next-best-thing to an in-person opportunity.

Experienced Financial Planners

See the profession in a new light.


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